JANUARY 11th, 2020 (1/11)


9am-2pm OR 3pm-8pm 

The Alberta Space

Portland, Oregon

We believe STRONGLY in the power of visualization, affirmations, and being intentional with the thoughts that we think, the words that we speak, the feelings we feel, and where we put our focus.  Join us in kicking off the New Year with the first ever "SPARK Your Vision" Workshop.  Max Capacity:  15 Women per Session (two sessions available).


We will walk you through the process of how to get clarity on your goals + how you want to feel, and precise clarity on what you REALLY want to get out of 2020 and beyond.


From that clarity, we will bust out the arts and crafts to create epic vision boards that will represent all of your desired outcomes for the year.


We will take you through powerful group meditations and a manifestation hypnosis session with the-one-and-only Mary Lou Rodriquez.


The hands-on fun continues with Yo Soy Candle creator Leslie Abrams who will walk us through an affirmation based candle making workshop.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for at least 90% of everything you do and think on a daily basis. If you can tap into the power of your subconscious by meditation, visualizations, and affirmations you can rewire your brain for success. The mind works in images. This is why visualizing your goals as already accomplished is so important. 


Rachel O'Rourke


Rachel O'Rourke is the owner and founder of SPARK Personal Growth Experiences for Women.  One of the main pillars of her teachings in SPARK events, workshops, masterminds, and in SPARK School is the undeniable power of visualization.  We can create our future through what we see on the movie screen of our minds - and through this first every SPARK your vision workshop, Rachel will take you through some of the most powerful visualization practices that she uses in her own life - including a vision board workshop!

Vision Board Workshop

Led by Rachel O'Rourke and

Janelle McMiller

Vision boards (also known as dream boards) are incredibly powerful tools to in the manifestation process of your desired life.  What we think and feel NOW creates our future.  The problem...most people aren't thinking about what they want for their lives on a consistent basis, nor are they feeling how they want to feel.  By creating a vision board, you are getting clarity on what it is that you really want - and by putting your board in a visible are reminding yourself of where you are going.


What's Included:

  • A visualization coaching session 
  • A blank board for creation
  • Images, magazines, and affirmation suggestions for creating your board
  • Crafty supplies

*Feel free to bring any images that you KNOW you want to manifest and create in your life.




Leslie Abrams

Yo Soy Candle 

Yo Soy Candle is a handmade, eco-conscious, affirmation candle company based in Portland, Oregon, owned and operated by Leslie Abrams.

In 2010, Leslie decided to quit her full-time job and immediately left for Costa Rica to study to be a yoga instructor in the jungle! After she returned from this life altering experience she began teaching yoga full time and practicing affirmations daily as a way to empower confidence and worthiness as a new teacher.

“Yo Soy,” a Spanish phrase meaning I AM are two empowering words that create your reality. Along Leslie’s journey as a yoga student and teacher, she realized the power and importance of setting an intention at the beginning of each day. Adding affirmations to the candles is just a natural extension of Leslie’s personality and life. She believes that we all get to choose our attitudes and perception of life every day, and affirmations can be that helpful tool to steer us in a positive and intentional direction.

In early 2016, Leslie and her husband left their home in Atlanta to venture on a creative journey to the PNW. Since then, Leslie has taken on Yo Soy as her full-time career and is consistently encouraging her Portland community to share their most authentic, playful and creative selves with the world by empowering a positive mindset through I AM statements!

Self-Discover Through Candle Making

Welcoming 2020 with creativity, wonder and intention! Self Discovery through Candle-Making is not your typical candle-making workshop. Yo Soy’s number one mission is to give you tools for positive mindset and self-empowerment! Each participant will have their own “make station” and will be led through a series of short, guided meditations and writing exercises to provide a safe, creative space to SPARK self-reflection and exploration. You will leave the workshop with three handmade "I AM” candles to create a new and rewarding ritual for 2020!


What’s included:

  • Step by step verbal candle making instructions and demonstrations

  • All materials for three 4 ounce candles (20 hours burn time each)

  • 10+ aromas to choose from

  • Guided meditations with journaling prompts

  • An empowering ritual to take home

  • A creative, engaging and transformational group experience!


Mary Lou Rodriguez

Life Guidance Hypnosis 

Mary Lou Rodriquez is a renowned hypnotherapist in the Pacific Northwest and the owner of Life Guidance Hypnosis.  She specializes in helping spiritually awakened women reprogram their subconscious minds and break the blocks to manifesting the life that they desire.  During the SPARK Your Vision workshop, she will be taking you through a 45 minute hypnosis session to do just that!




To ensure everyone gets the support and attention that they need, this workshop is capped at 15 people per session.


What it includes:

All of the supplies you need to create your very own vision board, all the materials to create 3 (4 oz) candles, the power of visualization coaching session, a group hypnosis experience, and finger foods + water, coffee, and tea.  



The cost for this 5 hour workshop is only $111


AM Session

9am to 2pm on 1/11


PM Session

3pm to 8pm on 1/11


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