Learn how to find your stories, craft your stories, and share your stories to make a bigger impact.



If you've ever dreamed of delivering an epic talk from a stage (big or small), this is how you prepare to do just that!  We are going teach you everything that you need to know to craft your very own signature talk in real time through a go-at-your-own pace digital course.


Craft your own signature talk

We are going to walk you through how to turn your personal stories into a signature speech that can be used on any stage, or virtual storytelling platform.

Make a bigger impact with your message

Learn how to translate your story from the stage to all platforms such as: Podcast Interviews, Blogs, Social Media Posts, Live Videos, in marketing your business, and even in writing a book!

Why Story? 

The human brain is organized by the structure of story.  In fact, all human behavior is influenced by story. This is why it's SO important that all women who want to make an impact learn the art of storytelling.

  • Storytelling is a skill that you learn, not one that you are born with (I promise you!)

  • Storytelling can 100% help you grow your business.


Social Media

Podcast/TV Interviews



Create your very own signature speech using YOUR personal stories.

This Storytelling Digital Course includes over 12 hours of pre-recorded content that is divided up into 3 content-rich workshops.

Part 1:  What are you going to say?

We kick things off with the foundational pieces to storytelling. How to find the right story to share and how to structure it using the story path that will take your audience on a journey that they'll never forget.

Part 2:  How are you going to say it?

Knowing what you are going to share is only half the battle. How you say it matters just as much. In this workshop, we will teach you how to find your voice as a speaker and teach you how to get your audience on the edge of their seat.

Part 3: Become a Storytelling Master.

In this final workshop, we go through the blocks that trip even the most seasoned speakers up. Getting through FEAR, body language mistakes, selling from the stage do's and don'ts, lead generation tips, and how to find speaking opportunities...just to name a few.

Meet The Trainers

Meet the rockstar facilitators of the course, mastermind, and your 2:1 coaches.

Rachel O'Rourke

International Speaker and High-Level Life and Business Coach.

Rachel O’Rourke is a Personal Growth Expert, an International Motivational Speaker, and a high level life and business coach. Through her talks, events, social content, masterminds, and online self-development school, Rachel has created multiple platforms to support women share their voice and make an impact.  Additionally, she is the co-host of The Flawed Females Podcast, a hilariously refreshing show that has ranked in the top 15% of self-development podcasts in the US and has sparked a vulnerable visibility movement in women worldwide.  Learn more about Rachel at rachelorourke.com

James Wood 

Professional Speaker and Story Coach

James T. Wood is a speaker and author with more than 20 years experience creating compelling communication. He’s honed his story skills by writing five books, over twenty studies, and thousands of articles; he’s spoken to audiences of hundreds across the country, presented to conferences and dignitaries around the world; and worked on a farm in Ireland shoveling donkey manure. James knows that each story needs a storyteller, so he helps coach amazing humans to find their own life-changing stories, and to tell them with their unique voices. 


Get The Course

This 3-part course is bursting with over 12 hours of content-rich material recorded from our live virtual workshop.

  • Get all 3 workshops at once Learn how to find your story, craft it into a signature talk, and share it from any platform - big or small! Includes 3 pre-recorded four hour workshops.

  • Includes Workbook(s) Get your story out of your head and onto your paper with our downloadable workbook(s).

  • Includes all slides Ever attend a workshop and spend half the time writing down info from the presenter's slides?  Not with this course!  We're giving you all of our slides so you can be in the moment and learn.

  • All of our videos are downloadable, Keep and watch for life!

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This is one of my favorite stories that I've shared from a stage. Looking back, there are things that I would change to make it even better - but that is what we do as we evolve as speakers and as humans.  Find ways to improve and keep growing. - Rachel 

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