The 4th annual SPARK Personal Growth Summit for Women is September 19th-20th, 2020 and is now going to be the most epic virtual event of the year!  Join us from anywhere in the world for two-days of transformational speakers, creating community, and fostering a deeper connection with the woman who you were born to be.  


Our 1st Virtual Conference!

Our biggest venue to date

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September 19-20th, 2020

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I was amazed at the power of the event! I knew it would be good and that I would benefit from it, but WOW!

Cat Stack

SPARK Portland 2019 Attendee

I went into this event with hesitation, not sure I wanted to spend a whole weekend with rah-rah strangers. In fact, I was moved to tears, uplifted, motivated and healed. So, yeah, it was pretty ok. If by ok you mean mind-blowingly great.

Julia Williamson

SPARK 2019 Attendee

My Spark experience totally exceeded my expectations across the board! I know the connections made will last a very long time. It was a powerful weekend and I am so glad I went!

Sarah Love McCoy

SPARK 2019 Attendee 


SPARK is an event for any woman or any person who identifies as a woman.  Don't get us wrong - we LOVE men!   This event is just designed to be a safe space for the feminine energy to expand, to grow, to connect, and to rise together.  However, it is important to note that we do have some heart-centered male support staff that will be present.  

Van Cooley

"SPARK is for any woman who is ready to make shifts towards being in her power."

Hillary Bennett

"SPARK is for women designing an authentic existence on their terms and looking for resources, inspiration and community."

Kathy Haan

"SPARK is for women looking to ignite their mind, body, and soul. They'll go back to their own communities when they're done and continue to pass that torch."

Leah Tucker

"SPARK is for everyone who has ever felt lost. Spark is for everyone who has ever had a dream and not sure how to get there. Spark is for everyone... period."


Over the last few years, we have had dozens incredible women share powerful stories from the SPARK stage.  Our speakers for 2020 are selected and will be updated on this page in July.

Ellen Yin

Founder: Cubicle to CEO


Cosette Leary

From Welfare to the Whitehouse


Amy Lacey

Founder, Cali'flour Foods


Maru Iabichela

Founder, Infinite Receiving

2017, 2018

What do we do at SPARK PORTLAND?

Each year is a little unique, but it all fits inside of these SPARK staples.

  • Powerful Storytelling

    SPARK Speakers all have a powerful story to share. In Ted-Talk style fashion (less than 20 minutes), they share this story in a way that will move the energy of the room and light a spark inside of you.  

  • Activities to SPARK change

    We know that knowledge is NOT power.  It's POTENTIAL power. If you don't put what you learn into action, then what is the point?  At SPARK you will go through individual and group exercises to implement what you are learning in real time.


See some of the magic behind a SPARK event! 

Is there "WOO-WOO" stuff involved?

Yes,  SPARK has a spiritual side!  We are not affiliated with any religion, though ALL religions are welcome.  We want you to connect to a higher power, whatever that is for you.  It could be your God, The Universe, or just your Higher-Self.  We do this through:

  • Powerful Spiritual Teachers

    We bring in the best spiritual teachers to guide you down the path to finding your SPARK.

  • Guided Meditations

    Meditation is a powerful spiritual and Scientific tool that can be used for SO many beneficial reasons. We take you through a few guided meditations that allow you to connect with YOU and the present moment.

  • It's all about Energy

    Yep - we are full on Law-Of-Attraction believers and know that energy is EVERYTHING. So we clear the energy, we raise the energy, and we teach you how to control your energy. All in the name of creating a life that you are OBSESSED with.


SPARK events have to be experienced.  They have to be FELT.  Two EPIC days of connection, play, discovery, growth, and rediscovering who you really are.


Student, General Admission, VIP, and Super VIP

General Admission

One two-day ticket to SPARK Portland 2020.





Are you a young woman between the ages of 13-21?  Get a special price to join this year's summit!






Includes admission, access to the event replay recording for up to 30 days after the event, and a VIP Swag Bag (Mailed to you!) at SPARK Portland 2020.



Includes everything with the traditional VIP ticket PLUS a VIP experience on Friday September 18th. Scroll down for more info.  





This year, we are opening up a SUPER VIP experience for 25 women.  This includes a VIP online gathering on Friday, September 18th from 10am-1pm that includes the following experiences:

  • Get your energy cleared and  aligned with your intentions for the weekend by our SPARK Energy Healer in a uniquely special group energy session.

  • VIP SWAG bag mailed to you prior to event.

  • Get to know your speakers before the event

  • Have a VIP Group Coaching Session with Rachel O'Rourke


    Access to replay recording for 30 days after the event.



SPARK Sponsors are hand selected and must align with the values of the organization.  If you fit the bill - there's a lot of perks to becoming involved!  Email rachel@wearespark.us with questions and apply to sponsor HERE. 

  • Engaged Audience

    If you have a service or product that could make the lives of a SPARK attendee better, this could be a perfect partnership!

  • Social Visibility 

    We love to highlight our sponsors and share how amazing they are on our social media platforms.

  • FREE tickets to SPARK

    Depending on your sponsorship level, get anywhere from 1-10 tickets to SPARK with your sponsorship.

  • Website Highlight

    How would your logo look on the SPARK Website?  Pretty damn good we believe.

  • Feel GOOD

    Feel GOOD knowing you are supporting the growth of women in the world.

  • Multiple Opportunities

    We have several sponsorship levels  and ways that you can support SPARK.  Let's chat about what is best for you!

See a few talks from past events



This isn't our first rodeo - here's the A's to the most commonly asked Q's.

Can I just attend one day of SPARK?

Can Men Join?

Will there be a recording?

Do I need to have a special app or program to view?

I'm not sure if I belong at an event like this... 

Do I have to stay for the whole day?  

But...I'm an introvert!

Good!  Lots of introverts and extroverts alike are attracted to SPARK.  Participate to your comfort level.

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