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The SPARK Mastermind is widely recognized as a magical cauldron of spiritual sisters that will take you from feeling stuck to flying free in life and/or business. It's our most intimate experience that we offer and it fills up FAST.

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When it comes down to it, we all simply want to live a life that we are obsessed with. Yet, when faced with getting from where we’re currently at to where we want to be - it can feel like an impossible journey and it paralyzes us toward making change because we don’t even know where to begin. We get it. We too have lived underwhelming lives and have felt lost on how to make a change. Like driving a car down a dark and winding road without headlights, it takes incredible courage to step into the unknown, which is why most people stay stuck in fear. But you’re not alone. We have learned the universal laws, the mindset shifts, and the spiritual habits that have lit up our own paths to our dreams and have allowed us to help others to light up their own too. Through SPARK events and programs, we have helped hundreds of women find purpose, wealth in all areas, and to create a life that they wake up excited about every day. Join our online community to get the support you need to tap into your true manifestation powers. Tomorrow is not promised and life is too precious to risk reaching the end realizing you wasted your time in worry and never discovered your true potential. Being stuck is a choice. We invite you to wake up to what’s possible and to truly create a life that you are obsessed with.  


It’s time to get SPARKed. 



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Joining the SPARK Community is FULL of perks!  From access to all SPARK School modules, to discounts on events and priority speaking and mastermind selection...and much more.

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Best known for our annual conference "SPARK Portland", we also offer workshops, storytelling nights, retreats, and even online events!

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Our masterminds are wildly sought after 90 day group experiences that end in an epic retreat.  They fill up FAST.  Apply now for future consideration.


SPARK CEO/Founder Rachel O'Rourke and Director of Operations Janelle McMiller share who SPARK is for and how it can support you in your goals.


SPARK Retreats

Ready to get away?  SPARK Retreats are intimate 3-7 day experiences that include nurturing your spirit, deep personal growth, and a lot of PLAY!


SPARK Portland 2020

Join us at the 4th annual two-day SPARK Portland Summit at The Oregon Convention Center!  September, 2020.

It's not to be missed!

In-Person + Online

SPARK Business Workshops

SPARK Workshops are topic specific and a deep dive into personal or business growth over the course of one day or spread out into a series.  


In-Person + Online

SPARK Your Vision Workshops

 SPARK Vision workshops are where big dreams come to life.  And there are crafts involved! 


They are epic.


SPARK Storytelling Nights

Want to share your story and/or listen to other women share theirs?  SPARK Story Nights are small-ish gatherings (30 max) once per month from 6-8pm at The Alberta Space!

In-Person + Online

SPARK Masterminds

SPARK Masterminds are experiences that focus on experiential and exponential personal and/or business growth.


Joining the SPARK Community is more than just being a part of a consciously collective group of women.  It's the education, support, and connection that will help you live with purpose, create an impact, and attract abundance in all areas of your life.   

  • Full Access to SPARK SCHOOL

    Each week we drop a new video module to support your growth spiritually, mentally, and even physically!

  • Actionables 

    We know that action is where the magic happens. Along with the videos, we offer a prompt or exercise that will help you implement each week's lesson into your life NOW.

  • Get "SPARK-ed"

    NEW!  Each month we are going to surprise one of our community members virtually or in-person with a gift!  Is it a hat?  Free access to an event?  A check for your car payment?  Wait and see...

  • Event Discounts

    Being apart of the community, you get a 10% discount on all SPARK events, workshops, programs, and retreats!  *Does not include the SPARK Mastermind.

  • PRIORITY Mastermind Consideration

    3 times per year we open up the SPARK Masterminds (Life and Business) and they fill up FAST.  We give priority consideration to applicants who come from our community. 

  • Live Coaching

    Each month there will be a live coaching and Q&A Call via webinar. Can't join live?  No worries!  Access the recording from the membership site anytime.

"SPARK is for women looking to ignite their mind, body, and soul. They'll go back to their own communities when they're done and continue to pass that torch."

Kathy Haan, SPARK Portland 2019 Speaker


Accessing the community is easy and convenient.  You'll get an email every week with what's going on in the community and a direct link to that week's lesson.  Technology challenged?  Our team is just a help desk click away!  


We are stronger together.


Curious as to what we teach in our community?  Watch a few teaser videos below to get an idea!


Setting the foundation for:


How to create meaningful goals

The science and history of beliefs

Habit transformation

The importance of environment

Meditation 101

The Law of Attraction

What's influencing you?

Daily routines and rituals

The power of intention

Creating a strong visualization practice 

Perception is everything


Breaking through the blocks of:





Difficult conversations

Old belief systems

Bad money mindsets

Paralyzed from pivoting

Cutting energetic cords

Avoiding Vulnerability

Negative Self-Talk


Get our top 5 SPARK School Modules for FREE!

Learn how to become a manifesting SUPERHUMAN!

Yes...OF COURSE we want you to join the community so you can get ALL of our life-changing lessons.  But if you're not ready yet, we're not going to leave you high and dry.  We're going to give you our top SPARK School modules at ZERO cost to you.  

"SPARK is for everyone who has ever felt lost. Spark is for everyone who has ever had a dream and not sure how to get there. Spark is for everyone... period."

Leah Tucker, SPARK Portland 2019 Attendee

Answer:  Most definitely not.  We love men just as much as we love women.  However, as a company we do serve primarily females, and here's why:  For a very very long time, the masculine energy has been the dominant energy of our planet.   We have been out of balance with the tremendous lack of the feminine that is needed to create harmony.  There is a shift happening right now worldwide and the feminine energy is rising.  You can feel it.  Visibly, this is showing up as women stepping up to share their voices, leading in their communities, and sparking the change that is needed to get our world back into alignment.  We are not anti-men nor do we have anything against the masculine energy.  We just need balance in both.  SPARK events and programs primarily support the growth and expansion of women because that is what is deeply needed in our world today (We do offer coed experiences occasionally).

"SPARK is for women who have dreams and are ready to up-level their lives in a supportive, loving and creative community!"

Melissa Pierce, SPARK Portland 2019 Attendee


Here's the A's to the most commonly asked Q's.

Do I have to do the video modules in order in SPARK School?

What if I don't like the community?

Is this affiliated with a religion?

I am afraid of getting behind...

Can I cancel and rejoin the community? 

What if I can't make the live calls?

Will I "Get SPARKED"?

What do I do if I have questions?

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