A Platform for Women to find and share their unique SPARK. 


  Through our community and events, we are bringing women together to cultivate connection, challenge old paradigms, and create the change that the world needs.


SPARK Membership Community

The SPARK Membership Community is a low-cost, high-value platform for women to grow and connect together.

SPARK Portland Summit for Women

Our annual summit brings thousands of Women together each September for two transformative days.

SPARK School

Our online personal growth school teaches women the spirituality principals and mindset shifts that will help women step into their bigger purpose and potential. 

SPARK Weekly Meet-Ups

Each week, we have several events that are free to our community members and low-cost for the general public.


We are stronger together.

"SPARK is for women looking to ignite their mind, body, and soul. They'll go back to their own communities when they're done and continue to pass that torch."

Kathy Haan, SPARK Portland 2019 Speaker


Are you wanting to expand your mindset, upgrade your beliefs, reprogram your subconscious mind, and level up spiritually?  SPARK School could be a great resource for you!  Filled with over 25 educational modules, guided meditations, actionable worksheets, and a ton of high-vibe content - it's a school like no other.


Curious as to what we teach in SPARK School?  Watch a few teaser videos below to get an idea!


Every third week of September, hundreds of women gather for an EPIC 2 day summit in Portland, Oregon.  It's an experience like no other.

Oregon Convention Center

Our biggest venue to date

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Don't want to wait until September to get more SPARK in your life?  Check out our community HERE.

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September 19-20th, 2020

Get our top 5 SPARK School Modules for FREE!

Learn how to become a manifesting SUPERHUMAN!

Yes...OF COURSE we want you to join the community so you can get ALL of our life-changing lessons.  But if you're not ready yet, we're not going to leave you high and dry.  We're going to give you our top SPARK School modules at ZERO cost to you.  

"SPARK is for everyone who has ever felt lost. Spark is for everyone who has ever had a dream and not sure how to get there. Spark is for everyone... period."

Leah Tucker, SPARK Portland 2019 Attendee

Answer:  Most definitely not.  We love men just as much as we love women.  However, as a company we do serve primarily females, and here's why:  For a very very long time, the masculine energy has been the dominant energy of our planet.   We have been out of balance with the tremendous lack of the feminine that is needed to create harmony.  There is a shift happening right now worldwide and the feminine energy is rising.  You can feel it.  Visibly, this is showing up as women stepping up to share their voices, leading in their communities, and sparking the change that is needed to get our world back into alignment.  We are not anti-men nor do we have anything against the masculine energy.  We just need balance in both.  SPARK events and programs primarily support the growth and expansion of women because that is what is deeply needed in our world today (We do offer coed experiences occasionally).

"SPARK is for women who have dreams and are ready to up-level their lives in a supportive, loving and creative community!"

Melissa Pierce, SPARK Portland 2019 Attendee


Here's the A's to the most commonly asked Q's.

Do I have to do the video modules in order in SPARK School?

What if I don't like the community?

Is this affiliated with a religion?

I am afraid of getting behind...

Can I cancel and rejoin the community? 

What if I can't make the live calls?

Will I "Get SPARKED"?

What do I do if I have questions?

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